We’re Setting the Ingredients Bar High!


We Love Mixing It Up!

Ingredients Bar was created in 2020 with a mission to mix up the ingredients world. We cooked up the idea by combining our healthy obsession with mixing quality ingredients with a dash of creativity. We like to think of ourselves as mixologists with a little bit more magic! Instead of crafting cocktails, our chosen medium is dry ingredients with a never-before-seen twist. Using only the highest quality products in innovative ways, Ingredients Bar is revolutionising the way you concoct your desserts and dishes! Our great-tasting products contain no preservatives, and you can be confident that you, your friends, and your family are opting for premium quality choices! Whether it’s our ice cream mixes, flavoured baking powders, or our tantalising line of dusting sugars and sweeteners, we know your tastebuds will be amazed by what Ingredients Bar brings to the table.

Whipping Up Something Different!

We were sick of baking mixes and ingredients loaded with hydrogenated oils, artificial azo dyes, and cheap fillers, so we whipped up something different! Our mission to revolutionise ordinary everyday ingredients and build healthier products with cleaner labels caused us to create brand-new products that at one time only existed in our imagination. We’re beyond excited to bring these extraordinary products to you!

Ingredients Bar products are crafted to perfection and are sure to tickle your tastebuds! These wholesome products are free from GMOs, and best of all, they taste amazing!

We work tirelessly with a team of leading technologists who have spent years in the food industry and who strongly believe in our vision and share our passion. To ensure our customers only get the absolute best quality results all of our innovative products are scrutinised using the latest analytical technology. We are constantly challenging ourselves to continue working on creating new and exciting products to rock your culinary world, and this is only the start of our ingredients artistry!


Sol-ice is So Nice!

Our bread and butter, or cream and sugar if you will, is our line of deliciously decadent ice cream mixes. We spent nearly two years testing, tasting, and perfecting this unique ice cream mix in our lab in Hertfordshire England. Sol-ice™ provides you with the freshest ice cream at your fingertips or your spoon! No judgment here on how you choose to indulge!

We can proudly and confidently say that our range of Sol-ice™ No Added Sugar ice cream mixes have possibly the lowest carbohydrates of any ice cream you’ll find on the market today! It is also the perfect choice for those following low-carb diets or just wanting to reduce their sugar intake.


The Best Ingredients Around, Bar None!

If you couldn’t already tell we’re passionate about blending quality ingredients to create tasty masterpieces for our customers! We’re also purveyors of selected premium powders. When it comes to special raw ingredients such as novel sweeteners, or mastic gum powder, paprika extract, luxury dairy powders, or our premium vanillin and more, Ingredients Bar has you covered.

We also know that our customers deserve the best quality at a cost they can afford. So whether you’re enjoying our premium Caramelisa™ sugar or partaking in our uniquely original range of baking powders, there’s an ingredient to fit your individual cost needs. We are proud to provide simple, easy, and economical products for you to transform into delicious and beautiful creations.

We know our customers are busy people with impeccable taste that love food just as much as we do! Luckily, quick and easy is our middle name! Ingredients Bar products are designed to make your life effortless in the kitchen. So whether you’re a professional chef or a novice cook you’ll love all that Ingredients Bar has to offer.

When you’re ready to indulge, go beyond the basic, boring, and bland ingredients out there and grab one of our products. Your dishes, desserts, drinks and more will thank you for it!

Are you ready to raise the bar on the ingredients in your pantry?