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Everything pertaining to the following online e-commerce platform and website (“website”), which is a project of “Ingredients Bar” brand (“brand”), is governed by these Terms and Conditions (“Terms”, “Conditions” or “Rules”), and apply to any content on this website and the services available through it. Every term used on and throughout the website, including “us”, “our” and “we”, refers exclusively to the services and content available on, through or throughout our brand and the website www.ingredientsbar.com.

All information on the website is available to you (“visitor”, “customer”, “client”, “buyer”, “user”) through these Terms and Conditions. Using the website, purchasing any of our products (either directly through the website or via the links included on it or provided by an independent merchant, distributor or reseller directing back to our website) and reading any content on the website means that you accept and consent to the Terms, Policies and Disclaimer stated herein. Users are not allowed to use our website or its services if they do not approve of any part of these Terms and Conditions. 

Continuing to use our website also means that you agree to let us collect the data that you provide on our website. Prior to using any of our services/products and agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you need to be at least 13 years of age, a resident of the geographical location where we deliver our products and not be otherwise barred or restricted from accepting our Terms by any law. 



  • Agreement  – The acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Return and Refund Policy, as well as Payment, Shipping and Delivery Policy
  • User    The buyer, customer or client purchasing any Ingredients Bar’s product either from our own website (regardless of being a registered user of our website or not) or from any other affiliated websites or resellers on the market.
  • Copyright  – Any item of confidential information in which copyright is infringed. 
  • GDPR” – General Data Protection Regulations as described in the Privacy Policy.
  • Payment Methods  – The available payment options with which the buyer can purchase the products from our website.
  • Platform  – The Ingredients Bar’s website.
  • Price” – The price of an order.
  • Service  – The e-commerce services attainable through our website.



When accessing our website, we are authorised to ban, restrict or revoke any use that does not abide by our Terms and Conditions, as well as users that engage in any illegal activity while using our website or duplicate, reproduce, resell, send, transmit and/or copy any portion or material of the website that breaches any applicable law or breaches any of the website’s Terms without the written consent of Ingredients Bar. Additionally, users who conduct any type of data mining (through any practice available, including the use of additional software), and/or submit any type of content, including messages and texts, which is regarded as misleading, factitious or fraudulent will be permanently banned from using the website. 



“Ingredients Bar” and “Sol-ice” are registered trademarks with IPO. The provided information is supplied for your personal use only. It may not be copied without the prior consent of Ingredients Bar. All content on the Ingredients Bar website, including the materials, layout, videos, designs, words, texts, logos, source code, images and graphics, as well as all information related to the website, its databases, data and other details accessible on or through the website, are considered intellectual property of the website and are protected by copyright, IPO and intellectual property laws and licenses, both internationally and in the United Kingdom. Any third-party images, stock images, logos, listings and links are not intellectual property of the Ingredients Bar website and are protected under the laws of the third-party service partners. 



Any content, information and facts contained on our website is provided only for informational and general guidance purposes for users and is not a substitute for professional advice. We make no claims towards medical benefits, nor do we provide medical guidance of any sort through the published content on our website. Our products are not intended to help remediate, cure, prevent or diagnose any medical illness or disease. 

Buyers are prompted to always read the directions, warnings and labels on our products before consuming or using them, and not rely solely on the information presented on our website or app. The actual product packaging and materials may contain additional information than what is presented on the website or app. We also do not recommend our products to be part of a specific weight loss programme or diet. 

5.1. Waiver of Liability 

Users are prompted to exercise their own judgement when using the information provided on and through our website, especially before providing any data or using our website in any way. They take sole responsibility for any personal actions or choices they make prior to, during or after accessing the content provided throughout the website, including its articles, links, link descriptions, recommendations, treatment information and suggestions. Any risk related to the use of such content is the user’s own discernment. We hold no liability for these actions or decisions and consequences for the user’s use or non-use of any information provided on the website or by us through any means whatsoever. 

The same pertains to all individuals connected to the user or buyer, including (but not limited to) their personal representatives, parents, assigns, executors, next of kin or heirs. The company cannot be held liable for any injury or damage these individuals may experience as a result of their participation in any activity related to our website. Visitors and customers of the website discharge, release and waive any and all claims for punitive, compensatory, contractual, incidental, consequential, indirect, direct or any other damage of any sort arising from any basis or cause after their participation in any activity related to the website. 

5.2. Warranty

Ingredients Bar is not bound with any other conditions, warranties or terms regarding the services, products and supply of them except as expressly stated on our website. 

Any condition, warranty or other term in regard to or stemming from the supply of products and/or the provision of the Ingredients Bar services that may otherwise be incorporated in or implied in the contract by laws applicable in the country where the product has been purchased, by common law, by statute or otherwise is expressly excluded to the maximum law-permitted extent. Ingredients Bar will not be held liable for ensuring its products are suited to the buyer’s specific purposes. 

Ingredients Bar will not be responsible for any loss or damage of any kind, including, but not limited to, loss of data, any consequential, indirect or direct damage of any kind, loss of contracts or any loss of income howsoever arising and whether caused by breach of Terms, contract negligence, or otherwise, under the Terms. 

The maximum aggregate liability of Ingredients Bar shall not exceed, in any circumstance, the amount the buyer has paid to Ingredients Bar in respect to the purchased product or products. The buyer’s statutory rights as a consumer are not affected nevertheless, nor is their right to return the product or products. 

Special warranties may apply to specific Ingredients Bar products, such as customised products, as specified on the Ingredients Bar website. If an Ingredients Bar product does not comply with the applicable warranty, Ingredients Bar will replace the product at its own expense and option (unless otherwise provided in the warranty) or refund the price of the purchase upon return of the product. 

This warranty will not prejudice or affect the buyer’s statutory rights. All warranty claims must be made (where relevant) according to the Terms of any standard manufacturer’s warranty in case of third-party products for non-Ingredients Bar branded products and be made directly to Ingredients Bar or the manufacturer by email. 

5.3 Release of Claims

The user of the website shall defend, protect, hold harmless and indemnify the brand owners and any other individual or entity associated with Ingredients Bar, including (but not limited to) its affiliates, contractors, staff members and teams, against and from any and all lawsuits, demands, losses, damages, claims and liabilities, as well as the expenses and attorney fees resulting from or arising out of any cause of action for any reason whatsoever, including (but not limited to) misconduct or negligence with participation in any activity associated with the usage, removal or installation of our website. In case such lawsuit, demand or legal claim has arisen or is asserted in any way whatsoever under the United Kingdom laws or the laws of any other country or under any theory of equity or law, the user and viewer of the website will defend, hold harmless and indemnify the owner or anyone related to the website in any way, from any and all costs, liability or expenses including (but not limited to) the cost of any judgement or settlement rendered or made against the owner or anyone associated with the website, including (but not limited to) the affiliate or affiliates. 

5.4. Allergen and Ingredients

Ingredients Bar follows strict production procedures adhering to applicable international laws, while labelling all products with proper instructions, including clear reference to the presence of allergens in them, if any. Nevertheless, some products may contain traces of allergens, such as eggs, wheat, dairy, soy, gluten, celery, sesame seeds, nuts, peanuts, sugar, milk, coconut or other. Buying and consuming any of the Ingredients Bar products is consenting that there may be ingredients in them that could cause an allergic reaction. The buyer understands the risk involved and absolves Ingredients Bar, including its website, owners, affiliates, staff members and known associates from any liability that might arise due to any allergic reaction. Any allergens are clearly marked on the packet, so please read these and/or any instructions thoroughly before consuming.

5.5 Presentation

Buyers and users only view images related to the serving suggestions and preparation of our products on the website. Any additional objects, including accessories and ingredients pictured with the item the buyer purchases, are not included in orders. 

5.6 Inaccuracies and Mistakes

The information provided through the content on our website, including but not limited to documents, descriptions, recipes, reviews, images, videos, featured articles and emails, have been created and published after diligent and thorough research. Nevertheless, it might inadvertently contain typographical errors or inaccuracies. The company is not responsible for the accuracy of the facts or the opinions or the views referenced on the website, and any type of content made available through it. The general nature of research is constantly improving and changing. For that reason, we cannot be held liable if the findings of the research based on which our content has been created become inaccurate due to newer findings.

Ingredients Bar cannot be held liable for the experiences of other individuals. The website only describes the experiences of the individuals forming the Ingredients Bar company as travellers. Considering that different sets of regulations and rules pertain to every dominion, state and country, each having a different effect on each individual, it is recommended that the user or buyer does their own research prior to committing to any plan. 



Links or references contained on our website and throughout its different types of content, including its articles, to any other entity, business or individual’s information, services, package, advice, opinions or products are not a formal endorsement unless otherwise specified. Ingredients Bar is not responsible for the products, programmes, social media, videos, emails, content, website content and/or services of any persons, companies or off-site web pages referenced or linked in our website and our products , or across the published content on it, including but not limited to the recipes and videos. We do not endorse or accept responsibility for the use or content of materials or sites accessed through the links or other references on our website. The company also makes no warranties or representations about any other material or website that the user or visitor of our website may access through the links or other references on our website, nor does it participate in any affiliate programmes.

The brand shares some of its data with third-party platform partners, including Google, WordPress and Woocommerce, to render its services in the best possible way. The company will never lease or sell any personal user data to a third-party, unless specifically required by legal authorities for lawful purposes.

To determine our website tracking and improve our service, we use tools such as Google Analytics to help track general traffic analytics, time of stay, bounce rate and users’ session activity. Any other third-party links available on our website shall be used as reference points or for marketing purposes or for the purpose of giving the credit to the original website and may or may not be affiliated or associated with us in any way. 



The brand has the right to replace or otherwise modify any statement in the Terms and Conditions, Policies and Rules herein at any time at its sole discretion. Continuing to access or use the website after the modifications, updates and changes are considered your consent to these modifications, updates and changes. 



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