Chocolate Ice Cream Banana Trifle

Yum – Solice chocolate ice cream is wonderful on its own, but even more tasty when you make a trifle. Combining a chocolate brownie with bananas, Solice ice cream and some delicious topping (your choice), is just like chocolate heaven! So simple to make, by all means make your own brownies or just buy some good quality ones from your favourite supermarket version.



Serves: 8 – 10 (depends how much ice cream you put in each!) 

Prep time: Varies (if you are making your own brownies)

Just make sure your ice cream is fully set before you assemble the trifle. You can either make individual ones, or one very big one!


1 pack Solice Chocolate Ice Cream Powder

10-12 chocolate brownie squares

4 large bananas 

2 x 500g tins ready-made chocolate custard or make your own)

Optional: Chocolate flakes, chocolate sprinkles, whipped cream, marshmallows or chopped nuts.



1. Make up your pack of Solice Chocolate Ice Cream as per instructions.

2. Prepare your brownies, whether you make them or buy them. Cover and put into the fridge until ready to build your trifle.

3. When your ice cream is fully set, put your brownies into the bottom of your dish or dishes along with a layer of sliced bananas then cover in chocolate custard.

4. Remove the ice cream from your freezer, and layer approximately 2 scoops over the custard and smooth out a little.

5. Top with whipped cream and sprinkles, and some chopped mixed nuts

Above all, enjoy our delicious homemade ice cream dessert!