Chocolate Ice Cream Granola ‘Cranachan’

This recipe is a little removed from the traditional Scottish cranachan, but we love the name so much, we have sort of adapted it!
You will need some dishes similar to sundae dishes, as we will be layering up this tasty dessert. There are definitely a few twists that you would not see in a traditional cranachan! Please use good quality granola, it does make a difference.



Serves: 6 individual dishes

Prep time: 15-20 minutes plus ice cream freeze time


1 pack Solice Chocolate Ice Cream Mix (follow manufacturer’s instructions). For our recipe we are going to use 6 generous scoops of the ice cream

300g good quality granola

400g rhubarb yoghurt, or another similar flavour that isn’t too sweet

200g soft fruit (pears, peaches, berries, whatever you prefer), chopped if a whole fruit



1. Make sure you have your Solice Chocolate made with warm milk, and then freezing. Remember to remove after 1 hour, whip and return to the freezer.

2. When set, start building your dessert. Take your sundae dishes and begin to layer up the ingredients, starting with the granola. Continue with yoghurt then fruit then granola again. Portion out your chocolate ice cream into each dish, gently smoothing it out as best as possible, but not to worry too much.

3. Add a layer of fruit, followed by granola and yoghurt. Top with your favourite topping or some chocolate flakes for an even more chocolatey taste!