Chocolate Ice Cream Tacos

Sounds weird? It’s actually the latest offering in many Mexican restaurants up and down the country. Ready made taco shells are neither really savoury, nor are they sweet, which makes them an excellent choice for combining with our ‘no sugar’ chocolate ice cream. This recipe is for 6 of these delicious tacos, so you will have half of your ice cream left, ready to make this quick dessert again! It’s made with virtually no sugar, other than natural sugars in the fruit. Low in calories and low in refined sugar.



Serves: 6

Prep time: 5 minutes plus cooling


6 taco shells

125g no-added sugar hazelnut chocolate spread

120g fresh mixed berries, such as sliced strawberries and raspberries (you can use any berries you want)

1 pack of Solice No Added Sugar Ice Cream Mix Chocolate (follow manufacturer’s instructions on packet)



1. Lay out all of your ingredients on your work surface, so that you can fill them quickly and before the ice cream begins to melt.

2. On a tray or on a clean kitchen surface, spread out your individual taco shells.

3. Make sure you have sliced your strawberries, if using. Mix your soft fruit in a bowl so you can scatter them in the shells quickly.

4. Spoon some of the no sugar hazelnut spread evenly into each taco, followed by small scoops of ice cream and berries scattered amongst them.

5. Once filled, for anyone who simply cannot resist extra taste of sugar, you can have a selection of toppings to scatter over the top of the tacos, such as caramel or chocolate sauce (look for no sugar varieties), sprinkles or similar. You can also try some chopped nuts.