Coffee Lovers Banana Affogato

Affogato is a great ‘after dinner’ dish – if you can’t work out what to have whether ice cream or a cup of freshly brewed coffee, here is your answer! Affogato is originally from Italy, but coffee lovers throughout the world have adopted it as a ‘go to’ end of meal delight. If you like espresso, this is the traditional way to make it, but you can use instant coffee. You will need a sundae or coupe dish to serve this recipe. Your guests or family will enjoy this sophisticated after dinner dessert.

If you want the children to feel part of the meal, use something like cola instead of coffee – they love it!



Serves: 4

Prep time: 10 minutes (if making brewed coffee)

Freeze time: 3-5 hours


4 scoops of Solice 0% Added Sugar vanilla flavour ice cream 

4 shots espresso coffee freshly brewed (by all means have more coffee!)

1 banana, thinly sliced



1. Make up your Solice ice cream as per manufacturers instructions.

2. When just about to eat, brew your coffee.

3. Portion the ice cream into your choice of bowls and tip over a few banana slices.

4. Pour over a shot of hot coffee and serve immediately.

5. Eat quickly, before all the ice cream melts!

Tip: For those that aren’t counting calories, serve with a few amaretti biscuits, either crumbled over the top, or served separately. The almond flavour really makes the whole desserts sing.