Minty Chocolate Ice Cream Bombe

This is a super looking dessert, which makes you guests think you have spent a long time making it – but it’s really simple, almost a ‘cheats’ recipe. Whilst it can be served at any time of the year, it’s a perfect substitute for those at Christmas who simply cannot stand Christmas pud! So, one of these desserts and traditional pudding can both be served and please everyone! Its particularly good for those needing to control their dietary intake – after all, a traditional Christmas pud is stacked full of sugar, whereas this recipe is light on calories and as sugar free as possible! You will need a suitable pudding basis or bowl for this recipe.



Serves: 10

Prep time: 25 minutes plus freezing


1 pack Solice No Sugar Chocolate Ice Cream

1 pint of fresh semi-skimmed milk (570ml or 585g)

1-2tsp good quality mint extract (add slowly and taste as you go)

A little sunflower or other oil for brushing your pudding basin

1 bottle sugar free chocolate sauce (or other flavour if preferred) or 1 bar sugar free chocolate, grated (for decoration)

Extra: you may like to serve this with some soft fruit or something like mandarins for a lovely orangey addition



1. Make sure you have your pudding basin at the ready, brushed with the oil and cling filmed on the inside as evenly as possible, and with a 10-15cm overhang. Put it in the freezer to keep it cold.

2. Using a different mixing bowl make up your Solice ice cream powder with the pint of milk and whip for 4 minutes (as per packet instructions). Put in the freezer and freeze for 1 hour.

3. Remove both bowls from the freezer. Add small drops of the mint essence gradually into the mixing bowl and taste as you go. When you are happy with the taste whip for another 4 minutes, then pour into your cold pudding basin and cover tightly with cling film that is overhanging. Place back into the freezer for 10-11 hours until fully set, preferably overnight.

4. When ready to serve, remove from freezer and leave to sit for a couple of minutes, then place a plate over the basin and tip over. Place on your work counter, loosen the cling film out of the way and using the edges of the basin, gently try to remove it, slowly. It should just pop out on to the plate.

5. Carefully remove all the cling film, then decorate with the no sugar chocolate/caramel sauce and decorate with the grated chocolate around the bombe.

6. To serve, cut in slices down from the centre and place each on a plate with more sauce!

Tip: If you have small dariole moulds, you can make individual versions of this recipe, and serve accordingly on a plate with fruit.